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University class attends AI+ as part of curriculum: 

“We hope the students will get a better understanding of how AI affects and contributes to the society’s development”

When the brand-new AI+ virtual conference starts in a few weeks, some of the participants will be Innovation and Project Management students from Østfold University College.

By Mari Kristine Buckholm, 25 August 2020

“We agree with the AI+ organizers on what is important within artificial intelligence (AI), and that is why we have decided to encourage our students to sign up for the conference”, says Dr. Frode Ramstad Johansen, Associate Professor in Innovation and Head of R&D at Faculty of Engineering at Østfold University College.

The students in question have just started their final year of the bachelor programme Innovation and Project Management, and their participation at the AI+ virtual conference will be a part of the subject Digitalization.

“In this class, we discuss how digitalization and digital transformation affect and change businesses, industries and society, as well as how the students can be a part of facilitating these processes. It requires a better understanding of applied artificial intelligence and the development within the field,” explains Dr. Ramstad Johansen.

Highly relevant content

Topics like smart cities, health and industry 4.0, along with more basic subjects like sustainability and ethics, are already a part of the students’ curriculum – which fits very well with the AI+ program.

“As Østfold University College is a part of the newly formed Cluster for Applied AI, it seems like a good strategy to exploit the resources within the cluster to the benefit of the students as well. They will meet experts with the latest knowledge within the field, and we are happy to be able to participate,” says Dr. Ramstad Johansen. He adds:

“Maybe it will even inspire some of the students to decide which road they want to take after their studies?”

Frode Ramstad Johansen, Østfold Universi

Networks and collaborations

After the conference, the professor hopes the students will have gotten a better understanding of how AI affects and contributes to the society’s development, as well as a deeper understanding of how this technology can fundamentally change society.

“The experiences from the conference will be part of learning to talk about artificial intelligence with leaders and employees in IT and other businesses, and preparation to participate in and potentially lead transformation projects where artificial intelligence is a factor,” notes Dr. Ramstad Johansen.

In addition, he emphasizes, the conference acts as an opportunity to build networks essential to young people on the verge of adulthood.

Frode Ramstad Johansen, Østfold University College

“At the same time, they get valuable practice in building professional relationships using digital and virtual solutions, as society is partly closed due to Covid-19. Next spring, the students will write their bachelor’s thesis, and who knows, maybe someone starts a collaboration with a company or organization and creates a project where AI plays a significant part?”

“AI for good”

Dr. Ramstad Johansen highly appreciates the very competent AI community in the Halden area, which Østfold University College is a part of, particularly the fact that Cluster for Applied AI is positioning itself towards UN’s sustainable development goals – with a clear intention to use artificial intelligence for good.

“By that I mean utilizing AI to contribute to a better world for all, including our environment. More specifically, I hope we will develop better solutions which will lead to better decisions, either related to healthcare applications, industry solutions or smart cities,” the professor concludes.