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Research Director, IFE

Dr. Tomas Eric Nordlander is a research director at IFE, responsible for the sector IFE Digital System that consists of 7 departments and 9 laboratories in Halden.


He sits as board member of several european tech companies and a VC company. Tomas was born in Sweden, lived and worked in several countries, and has a broad academic background; BSc in Electronic Engineering, MSc in Management Science with Distinction, and a Ph.D. in AI, long before this latest AI frenzy.


In addition, he worked in AI labs in Ireland and Scotland and has over 50 research papers and book chapters. Tomas is an Honorary Research Fellow at University of Aberdeen and has been editor and programme committee member for many scientific journals and conferences over the years.


Tomas also has considerable experience as an entrepreneur, starting up and running companies both in Sweden, Ireland, and in Germany. His passion is in AI and research-based innovation that brings new technological solutions into practical use. 

Tell us about your first encounter with artificial intelligence (AI)?

1992 while I was a student.

What is your competence within the field of AI? 

AI generalist—interested in all fields of AI and its history and hype

AI specialist in knowledge based system, constraint programming, case base reasoning.

Why did you develop an interest in AI?

The aim of AI tools is fascinating which lead me doing my PhD in AI

Can you recommend a relevant book or film about AI?

  • Rise of the robots, by Martin Ford

  • Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, Max Tegmark

  • Surviving AI: The promise and peril of artificial intelligence, by Calum Chace

  • Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, by Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig

Why should we, or should we not, be afraid of AI?

Well, most things could be used for good and bad things. We should be concern of AI used for bad things. If you thinking about AI overtaking us---I have a hard time seeing that in my lifetime.


Which field, in your opinion, has the most to benefit from AI – and why? 

Well, for the globes future I would say AI to assist environmental sustainability goals are reached.


How should the use of AI develop in the future?

In breadth, so that all can use it as a tool; in depth, so that good developers can build new AI solutions with good culture and ethics fit to the place of use. 

Again, AI is techniques (tools if you will) that can be used for bad and good. We might not be able to hinder it being used for bad but we can ensure that it will be used for good.


Why should participants tune in during AI+?

It will give you a background of AI, it will show you some of the challenges around AI and give you concrete examples. All this, is knowledge that you would be useful.

Tomas Nordlander  is a speaker at the AI+ virtual conference 2020.

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