Terms and conditions


General Information


Payment is made via the Norwegian online solution Checkin from Checkin A/S. You or your company pay either via EHF, invoice, VISA or Vipps. We recommend companies to make use of EHF. The issuance of an invoice does not take place until two days after the ticket was purchased. The payment deadline is seven days from issue. 

Cancellation and refund 

Cancellation of purchased tickets after the invoice has been sent will generate an order delete fee of 100 NOK.

Unspecified tickets 

Unspecified tickets are intended to be used if you are booking and paying for tickets on behalf of a group. Select unspecified tickets and enter billing information as well as the number of tickets you want to buy. You will then be able to send a link to your group where each person can enter the ticket information themselves. The invoice for the entire purchase will be sent to the order contact. 

Video footage 

Video footage from the event will be made for later use. The speakers will be our main focus, but as part of the audience you might be recorded on camera for a brief moment. Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding this matter. 

Covid-19 Information

  • Transfer of ticket in the event of Covid-19 restrictions 

  • If the Covid-19 situation in May 2022 is such that it is not possible to execute the AI+ conference physically, it will be possible to transfer your ticket to a digital ticket. In this case, the difference will be refunded to the bank account to which it was paid. Cancellation of purchased tickets after the invoice has been sent will generate an order delete fee of 100 NOK. 

  • Venue 

  • About Brygga Kultursal: 400 m2 Concert Hall. Under AI+ an amphitheatre of 369 seats is used. There are three entrances and exits into the hall, first and second floor.  Brygga Kultursal is located in the same complex as Thon hotel, right in the city centre. 

  • Ventilation: Brygga Kultursal has a very good ventilation system that adapts to the amount of people in the room, making sure the air condition is optimal at all times. 

  • Hygiene measures (Hand washing, disinfection): There are disinfection stations at each entrance as well as several other places. All surfaces are disinfected during breaks. 

  • Number of toilets: There are a total of 6 toilets, all in the foyer as well as 4 inside the restaurant. 

  • Registration of COVID-19 information per participant: We use a QR-code which takes you to a page where you register your mobile phone number and name. The data is deleted after 14 days according to GDPR. 

  • Density between participants/performers/audiences: Brygga Kultursal follows the national, regional and/or local restrictions. Our standard is one step between the cohorts as long as the pandemic requires action. If there are no restrictions in place, there are no distance regulations, and each row can be used. There is no distance determination forwards, only sideways. 

  • Food service: Food is served in the in-house restaurant, in the large meeting room Overberget, or in the foyer, depending on the number of people. Thon hotel is responsible for food service. 

  • Alcohol service: There is a bar in the restaurant and in the foyer. The organisers will adhere to any related restrictions placed at the time of the event. 

  • Transport: The bus station and train station are in the immediate vicinity, one and two minutes away. There is also a guest harbour one minute away. 

  • Measures taken in the event of infection at the event : In case of infection, everyone will be contacted  in accordance with the registration overview by the infection trackers in the municipality. Halden Municipality will be responsible for communicating restrictions and measures to be taken. The AI+ website will be updated accordingly. 

  • An updated article on the current restrictions can be found on The Norwegian Government’s website: https://www.regjeringen.no/no/tema/Koronasituasjonen/id2692388/ 

  • Allergies 

  • The information we collect will be used to provide the restaurant(s) with figures on how many special meals that needs to be made. The organisers of the conference do not take responsibility for food service outside Brygga Kultursal.