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Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Völur

Robert Ekrem is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Völur. Prior to this, he worked for the retailer NorgesGruppen and the largest meat producer in Norway, Nortura. Through his career he has focused on building a strong industrial knowledge and expertise within the meat industry. Based on this experience he has identified the meat industry as a ripe candidate for true data driven solutions. He is now leading a team of great talent that utilize deep industrial knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to enable a more optimized and sustainable meat industry. Robert holds a M.Sc. in Management and Finance from University College London.

Tell us about your first encounter with artificial intelligence (AI)?

I am pretty sure I have been exposed to AI for a long time without even knowing it.

What is your competence within the field of AI?

My competence relates to identifying the pain, challenges, and opportunities in industrial cases, and to contribute defining AI-driven policies and strategies to solve them.

Why did you develop an interest in AI?
Because of the capabilities it provides to solve complex industrial problems

Can you recommend a relevant book or film about AI?

Applied Artificial Intelligence: A Handbook for Business Leaders

Why should we, or should we not, be afraid of AI?

AI, like anything else, is used for both good and bad actions. Meaning it is an important topic to address, and make sure we have strong enough policies and regulations to leverage the technology and avoid destructive actions.

Which field, in your opinion, has the most to benefit from AI – and why?

There are many fields that have a lot to benefit from AI, but I believe existing industries and value chains have the most to leverage and can create the largest impact.

How should the use of AI develop in the future?

In a rapid, sustainable, and ethical manner.

Why should participants tune in during AI+?

We are enabling a digital transformation within a large and important industry. By applying AI to optimize it and make it more sustainable.

Robert Ekrem is a speaker at the AI+ virtual conference 2021.