Day 1

AI Enabling Technologies
Anand Raman
Senior Director, Azure AI Platform, Microsoft


Environment & Sustainability
Francesco Fuso-Nerini 
Associate Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Ricardo Vinuesa
Associate Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology



Smart City & Mobility
Petra Dalunde
AI Innovation of Sweden, Node manager Stockholm, f.d. Urban ICT Arena
Sara Nozkova
Mobility Lead at Kista Science City AB in Stockholm

Day 2

Ethics, Laws & Regulations
Doug Cutting
Chief Architect, Cloudera


Industry 4.0
Michael Ger
General Manager of Manufacturing and Automotive Industries, Cloudera


AI for good
Tom Lawry
National Director for Artificial Intelligence - Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft


Shahram Ebadollahi
Global Head of Data Science and AI at Novartis

One-Day Digital Event (September 17, 2020):

As a follow up for the upcoming ICAPAI (the new dates will be announced soon), we are going to arrange a One-Day Digital Event on September 17. The event will be composed of several Key-Notes in the related topics of ICAPAI followed by a panel discussion. The link will be provided soon here. We hope you all will attend the digital event. At the same time, we hope to see all the probable authors, presenters and attendees in the full ICAPAI conference, which will be in 2021.

ICAPAI website

AI+ is a fellowship between industrial partners IFEeSmart SystemsSmart Innovation Norway and Halden municipality. Simultaneously, Østfold University College, in partnership with IFE, will organize an academic conference on the same topic, called International Conference on Applied Artificial Intelligence (ICAPAI 2020). 

The academic conference targets the innovation and research community, as well as academic attendees. Both AI+ and ICAPAI will share the same virtual conference platform.

The AI+ conference is made by:

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