Amanda Røsstad-Larsen followed the AI+ conference from home.
Amanda Røsstad-Larsen followed the AI+ conference from home.

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Per Oscar Wærnes was inspired by what he learned at AI+ 2020.
Per Oscar Wærnes was inspired by what he learned at AI+ 2020.

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Pleased participants want more AI+:

“After the conference, I was left with a WOW feeling”

With registered users from tiny Tistedalen to Los Angeles and Istanbul, AI+ 2020 reached participants all over the world. So far, the reactions are unanimous: AI+ should be here to stay.


By Mari Kristine Buckholm, 28 September 2020

“Not only am I now extremely curious about what the future will hold in terms of artificial intelligence, but I was also inspired to be a part of it,” says Per Oscar Wærnes, one of the AI+ participants.

He is a student at the Innovation & Project Management bachelor program at Østfold University College and took part in the virtual conference because the topics were listed as curriculum for his Digitalization class.

“I have an interest in the field, but with little previous knowledge, the conference proved to be both entertaining and eye-opening,” comments Wærnes.

Inspired by Microsoft speaker

As an aspiring entrepreneur, the bachelor student was particularly fascinated by Microsoft’s Azure AI Platform Senior Director, Mr. Anand Raman.

“It was exciting to learn how AI is used by Microsoft, get a peek into their projects and see how they are a part of shaping the future.”

Wærnes reveals that as a result of his AI+ participation, he has bought brand-new books about artificial intelligence and cannot wait to get a deeper understanding of the field.

“I imagine the conference will be even more engaging if we can be there in person next year,” he says, quickly adding:

“I definitely want to participate at AI+ 2021!”

Calls for AI in the health sector

Amanda Røsstad-Larsen is another Innovation & Project Management bachelor student who followed the conference from her computer at home. She, too, was surprised by how little she actually knows about the field of applied artificial intelligence.

“I am excited to keep learning more about how AI can be used. Really understanding the field and maybe even working to find solutions for a better and smarter future – that would be fun,” she comments.

Røsstad-Larsen found several of the talks exciting, and was especially interested when CEO of NORA, Klas Pettersen, gave his presentation about Health and AI.

“I have worked in the health sector for many years, and as a person I care a lot about health and lifestyle. In my opinion, the health sector is far behind when it comes to digitalization and use of AI. The technology exists, and it has been here for years. What really fascinates me, is the question of how people and AI can work together in a way that provides the solutions we want. That is tricky – but very interesting!”

She has no doubt that AI+ is an important initiative and is more than ready to attend next year’s conference in Halden.

Overwhelming feedback

Røsstad-Larsen is not alone in that assessment. After the two-day digital event was over, the participants were asked to evaluate their experience of AI+ and the responses were overwhelmingly positive.

“I loved it in every way. They have made known the opportunities that can be obtained from AI applied to the different fields of study. Also, raise possible scenarios and how we should adapt. Thank you for the amazing work,” one participant wrote.

Here are some more reactions:


“Besides being an AI enthusiast, the conference touched very actual and important points of AI applications and implications. I mentioned it in my post on LinkedIn. Thanks very much for the great opportunity.”

“It was very useful and full of information. It was very instructive.”

“It was timely, and the topics covered were very robustful and mind blowing.”

“I have now a better vision of AI.”