Solution architect and public sector lead at Capgemini Insights & Data

Marit Helland has a wide IT background, covering both application development to information management. She is experienced trough different roles such as developer, testing, program manager, advisor, leader and architect. Currently, Marit works in Capgemini Norway, Insights & Data as Enterprise Solution Architect and is responsible for public sector.

Marit enjoys working in between business and technology, with a dedicated attention to the collaboration with clients, such that they reach their objectives supported by information and technology. Marit is solution oriented and thrives on the interplay between technology and people

Tell us about your first encounter with artificial intelligence (AI)?

Not sure as it is part of the IT evolution. Remember when I first met the wording that we are using for it now though… I where in a customer meeting and I needed to quickly search what AI was short for

What is your competence within the field of AI?

Advisor with experience from the data engineering side

Why did you develop an interest in AI?
The ability to reduce risk of manual fault and assist the human to do better

Can you recommend a relevant book or film about AI?

Ohhh that’s a hard one…

Why should we, or should we not, be afraid of AI?

We should never be afraid, but we should handle AI with care.

Which field, in your opinion, has the most to benefit from AI – and why?

Maybe in healthcare, because used wise it may help saving lives

How should the use of AI develop in the future?

AI must be integrated into a business´ operations and built on synergies in an interdisciplinary ecosystem.

Why should participants tune in during AI+?

I will focus on how we can enable use of AI, the ecosystem and build solutions in a trusted and secure manner

Marit Helland is a speaker at the AI+ virtual conference 2021.